surFer lure retriever

 It is the most efficient lure saving tool currently and an absolutely indispensable accessory of your fishing tackle. It was developed and created by Mr. Tadeusz Zacharkiewcz from Poland in 2014, sport fishing fan and master furniture carpenter. surFer was started as a hobby and has become a significant enterprise that rocketed surFer around the globe from Alaska to Kamchatka by these days.

 I discovered the opportunity in this tool in 2015 and have succesfully introduced it to the Hungarian spinning and baitcasting anglers. Those who purchased the surFer have saved already thousands of lures and their budget as well as the nature which is a very important viewpoint to my mind. I often hear anglers sigh: ,,oh I wish I had bought it earlier". Well, right said, the later you buy it the more it costs... This little helpful buddy is always with me during my fishing trips and I know that I can lose a lot without it. Not only my investment returned in the first fishing days but I have saved thousands of bucks during the past five years. It is not just about money but it makes me happy that most of my irreplaceable old lures are still in my box instead of the underwater snags. You have to keep in mind that predators are lurking in the covers that we are afraid to explore but it makes us brave with a surFer in our pocket, therefore we are bound to catch more fish. 

surFer=more fun. 

 There are situations when we are lucky to find the appealing lure for the targeted fish in the early morning so for the sake of a succesful fishing day we are are better off not to lose it.


surFer has sponsored many significant fishing championships in the past years in Hungary like the Balzer Cup and Balaton-Rapala Cup, where the top prize was a very unique 24 carat gold plated surFer won by the catcher of the largest fish.

Why is surFer so unique?

 It has a way different approach to the saving method by a revolutionary idea. 'Classic' retrievers usually try to grab a free hanging treble on the lure while the surFer grabs the shank of the snagged hook in most of the cases when slipping on the body of your lure. A conventional retriever might damage your fine balsa or plastic lure as tension builds up between the snagged and the free hanging hook so the lure body might crack or the hook eye of the lure might break out. In this unfortunate case you save your lure but cannot use it anymore. surFer can save all types of different lures, wobblers, jerks, swimbaits, spoons, spinners, spinnerbaits, twisters, soft lures, worms, etc.

Its name come from the merge of the words sure and ferrum = surFer.

How effective is the surFer?

 Based on my expreience you can retrieve 99% of your lures from a boat and over 65% from the shore where the water depth, fishing line angle and the strength of the currents limit the success of your saving process. It is easy to use with some routine behind us. The more we use it  the more effectively can we solve the riddle of sometimes sophisticated snag situations. The user's manual is important but I always help surFer owners with valuable pieces of advice and tricks based on my five year experience as a daily user of this outstanding device. It is the only tool capable of horizontal save when you are stuck on a tree or bush. Please check out the 2nd video in the VIDEOS menu.

Parameters of the surFer

Material:                               Stainless steel (Made in Germany)

Dimensions:                         135 mm x 90 mm x 4 mm

Load:                                     120 kg

Weight:                                 100 gramms

Finish:                                   Titan-look surface

Manufacturing process:     CNC, machine and hand polish

Made in and imported from Poland

How to use the surFer?

 First of all you need to open the reel's bail arm and losen the fishing line. Put down your rod safely, grab a small loop with your fingers, insert it in the middle gap of the surFer and hold it with your fingers on the other top side. Thread through the loop at the two little covered gaps. The fishing line wil get inside the surFer and it will slide down on your fishing line like a ski-train. Close the bail arm and lift the line with your rod in order to reach the highest slope degree possible. Turn your drag close to maximum brake level. The surFer will slide down to your lure. You can feel by slowly pulling the rope backwards whether the surFer grabbed the hook or not. It is important that you are not catching the snap but the hook, therefore sometimes you need to play a little with the saving positions. In case of complicated snags and strong current the surFer might get turned upside down on your fishing line and cannot serve its function. You need to pull it back slowly and see whether the original position still exists. Set the surFer again in the right position if necessary and restart the saving process in order to find a free travelling route to your snagged lure. Boat save is more simple process but it's recommended to anchor on the other side of the snag as your line might get slashed on shells or sharp stones when you pull it straight.

River save might also be challenging therefore it is recommended to anchor yourself a few metres up against the river flow and achieve about 40-60 degrees slope of the fishing line. The current will push away your device if you anchor right above the snag so it won't work well.

Big lures? - No problem!

You are advised to use a coil twist lock snap when using large jerks or big vertical lures. surFer will catch the lock snap eye and the splitring will strech out, thus let go. You either lose your hook and save the expensive lure or the snag would come up from the mud. You can see the use of this special snap from the 5th minute of the English language video within the 'Videos' menu and the making of the twist lock snap at home. Your recommended option is to purchase this snap with 120 kg strength from the catfish expert company  ZECK.
Please check the video tutorials under VIDEOS button.



The surFer will  work well only with a thin but strong sinking trilene rope selected by the manufacturer after an exstensive search and testing. The rope fully supports the movement of the device as it helps the saving process. It has high abrasion resistance and capable of handling heavy load. Quickly absorbs water and dries in no time. Floating ropes don't work as they hold back the surFer from sinking deep.

Rope parameters

Length:                           25 m

Diameter:                       1,5 mm

Breakstrength:               130 kgs

Material:                         Trilene. 

Waving: Round woven

Made in the U.S.A.


The surFer set is complete with a handmade wooden winder fitting in a small place and ergonomical in your hands. You can firmly grab the rope and pull your lure from the snag without cutting in your hand. You can store it in the side pocket of your fishing bag or in your pocket together with the surFer.

Winder-handle parameters

Material:                                   Pinewood

Manufacturing process:         CNC, machine and hand burnishing

Dimensions:                            175 mm x 60 mmx 9 mm

Weight:                                    30 gr

Finish:                                      beeswax and linseed-oil

Made in and imported from Poland

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